What an amazing year. Could not of dreamed it would turn out the way it did.

The year started off with a rag tag group of individuals I hardly knew on quest to enter the Order of the Hrimthurs. http://orderofthehrimthurs.com/ I was so unsure I could complete the task that I waited until the last minute to enter the final race up in Canada. It was the shortest and warmest of the three winter ultras but it threw us all for a loop because it may have been the most difficult. The relationships that developed between the six of us that completed the task grew stronger with each race we attended. Now I wouldn’t hesitate to say that they are some of my very favorite people.

The 1st race of the year was the Tuscobia 160. Somehow I pulled off a 2nd place finish. My 1st podium of my life. The second was the Arrowhead 135. I hoped to beat my previous finish of 53 hours. If all went perfect I dreamed of sub 50. I pulled off a 48 something and 14th place. One behind that damn Scott Kummer from the Ten Junk Miles podcast. http://www.tenjunkmiles.com/ That bastard passed me with 7 Miles to go while I was sleeping on the side of the trail. Not even so much as a, “are you alive?” from him. He just snuck on by. I tried to get my revenge on him at the very next race in Canada, but I couldn’t talk him into the long race. Luckily for him too because he ended up winning his race and becoming forever known as the International Champion. My revenge had to wait until we went head to head again in the summer at the Voyageur 50. My Canada race didn’t go too shabby either. Again I pulled off a 2nd place finish tying my fellow Hrimthur Paul Schlagel. In less than six weeks we had raced almost 400 miles. A story Book winter for me. I still can hardly believe it.

Then came the summer races. The Curnow Trail Marathon and the Voyageur 50. These were training runs with aid stations leading up to my A race in the fall, the Superior 100. The two summer races were a struggle in the heat. I was also working on changing my diet to eliminate sugar and grain almost completely. It was working and I was dropping weight I had desperately needed to drop, but it isn’t advisable to do so close to a race. I pulled off a small PR at the trail Marathon, but the 50 miler was a struggle the 2nd half of the race. My body was still in transition learning how to burn fat as fuel. I finished none the less, but the performance wasn’t what I had hope for.

A month later was the A race. Training went good. My weight was down 23 pounds. I didn’t know what to expect in the 100 miler. I was coming off a DNF the year before having gotten pulled at the final aid station for missing the cut off by 6 minutes. Come to think of it, that may have been the fuel for my fire for the entire 2017 season…. Anyway I was ready. This time I had a crew of three friends there to help with pacing and crewing duties. I was hoping for a PR and if all went perfect going sub 34. We ended up going 31 something with a PR of almost 5 hours. I could not have asked for a better year. I am forever thankful for the people that have come into my life through trail running. Knowing you all makes me better. Having positive people and doers of the unimaginable to surround yourself with has got to rub off somehow. You inspire me every single day. Thank you.


2017 Recap:

Tuscobia 160- 2nd place

Arrowhead135- 14th place- PR by almost 5 hours

Actif Epica 162k- 2nd place tie

Curnow Trail Marathon- small PR

Voyageur 50- finish

Superior 100- 58th place- 4 hr PR

Yearly mileage: 1600- PR by over 200

HAPPY NEW YEAR My friends! Dream Big in 2018! There are no limits.

2018 Schedule:


Putting in for ITI 350

FKT attempt at SHT (supported) so I will be looking for volunteers

Voyageur 50

Superior 100

Now the out like a lamb comes as I sat at work for the last two and a half days.  All my friends were valiantly out in -20 something battling the cold at the Tuscobia winter Ultra. Because the Tuscobia had the race in the same calendar year as the last race I was out of vacation and couldn’t make this weekend. It was fun following from afar, but not nearly the same.

Congrats to all who toed the line this year. It sounds like it was brutal out there. Paul my friend great job on the win. So happy you pulled it off and that you won the entry into the ITI. That is so amazing.